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Fiona Steggles

Hello and welcome to View From The Bed.  I’m a 40-something,  mum-of-2 journalist living in the North of England and I’m an NHS patient.

I love the NHS.  It’s saved my life on a few occasions.  Without it I’d almost certainly not have my two kids.  But like an eccentric, rather irritating relative, it can drive me crazy and sometimes behave in a way I find really quite offensive.

I’ve got one rare condition (cryoglobulinaemia), one common (diabetes) and various complications.  Over the years I’ve had numerous blood transfusions, plasma exchanges, biopsies, chemotherapy, biological therapies and am currently on 10 different types of pills. I’ve been blue-lighted in ambulances, learnt to walk again after weeks in intensive care and endured months of hospital food.  I’ve stayed on clean wards, run meticulously by fantastic nurses and on wards where blood was left for days on the floor and disinterested staff ‘forgot’ to feed me.  I’ve spent more money than I care to think about on NHS car parks and my Mastercard shivers when it sees me head for the bedside TV.

This website contains my opinions on the NHS, good and bad, after 10 years of spending hours sat on a bed, waiting for the doctors round, with not much else to think about.  It’s a NHS patient blog, written by one of those to whom the NHS matters most – a patient.


Fiona Steggles



4 thoughts on “View from the Bed”

  1. Wow, Fiona, I had no idea. What a journey you have been through. I feel I am at the tip of the iceberg with my surgery and chemo, hair loss etc etc. lovethe blog.
    Sue W x

  2. Thanks Sue. How nice to hear from you! We’re all hoping you’re doing ok and that you’ll be back soon. Sorry to hear you’re having such a rubbish time. x

  3. What an excellent blog Fiona! I am so sorry you have been having such a hard time of it, sounds like it’s going in the right direction again now. I have recommended your blog across the College of Health Care Sciences here at the University of Salford as a really useful resource for our students.
    Is it possible for you to enable sign -up to follow the blog and receive email notification when there is a new post?

    Much love, Annie x

  4. That’s great – thanks Annie. I am looking into the email thing. Will let you know when I’ve got it set up. Cheers Fi.

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